We created SourceRise with one goal in mind: To increase the number of compelling, well-researched global news stories in mainstream media.

As news organizations continue to cut budgets for international reporting, and foreign news desks shut down completely, partnerships like this can help mainstream media deliver comprehensive and contextualized foreign news stories to an under-served American audience.

A recent survey by MPO Research Group found that American media are missing the mark when it comes to providing international coverage to the public. When MPO asked respondents what they think about the coverage of international news, over half said there should be more of it. Just over a quarter think it’s fine just as it is, indicating that there’s a lot of room for improvement from our media outlets.


The bottom line is that we are witnessing the media landscape quickly evolving all around us. It’s a major, sector-altering disruption in the traditional journalism model. At the same time, nonprofits and international NGOs have access to some of the most interesting news, insights and trends that the world is hungry for. The problem is that there’s nothing connecting these two forces together. With minimal resources, many NGOs struggle to get critical information out to the public, while reporters struggle for reliable news sources. Enter SourceRise.

Our passion lies in helping journalists and NGOs succeed, and through that, bringing the world the news they deserve access to.



SourceRise is a technology-based social enterprise that directly connects journalists to on-the-ground expert sources from all over the world. In a time when news-gathering budgets are shrinking at record rates, it is becoming more difficult for major news outlets to independently cover international stories. Via a network of journalists and expert global NGO sources, SourceRise enables foreign news reporting rooted in real time, accuracy, and deep context. As a result, we are increasing the number of well researched, compelling global news stories in mainstream media.

Via daily source request emails from journalists to our sources, and digital media briefings on breaking global hot topics, we directly fill the void created by the shuttering of foreign news desks all over the world. SourceRise also holds media call-to-actions around global issues that aren’t getting the media coverage they deserve, by connecting network sources with journalists and bloggers. In addition, SourceRise matches journalists, photojournalists and other media makers with NGOs able to host them in the areas of the world they wish to report on.


There are many sites connecting reporters to sources but SourceRise is the only organization with a focus on development news reporting. We aim to elevate important global stories and bring attention to humanitarian crises by directly connecting Western journalists to expert sources on-the-ground, who can speak about the developing story or crisis as it’s unfolding. At a time when foreign news desks have been shuttered due to budget constraints, our mission as a social enterprise is to aid in solving this problem by helping journalists connect more easily to vetted expert sources they can trust and quote in their pieces, ultimately leading to better, more contextualized development and foreign news coverage.



SourceRise was founded in 2014 by Caroline Avakian and developed by Arya Iranpour.

Caroline Avakian

Founder & CEO

Caroline (Sanchez) Avakian is an Emmy-nominated television correspondent, media technologist and award-winning social entrepreneur. Dubbed the “Publicist to the Poor”, she is the Founder and CEO of SourceRise, an organization that is forging a new path for foreign and crisis news reporting by increasing the media’s access to on-the-ground expert sources in the developing world. Caroline is also the Managing Partner of Socialbrite, a leading social media for nonprofits consultancy and digital learning hub that brings together top experts in social causes and social media.

Caroline has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, is a contributor to the Huffington Post and has appeared as a guest on television shows such as CNN, The Today Show, Good Day New York and Univision’s Despierta America. In 2014, she was named a “50 under 40 Emerging Social Enterprise Leader” by American Express and received the Boehm Media Fellowship from Opportunity Collaboration. She’s a frequent speaker and panelist on social entrepreneurship and the use of media and technology as a tool for global, social and economic development.

Her work has taken her to Asia, Central America, the Middle East and East Africa, where she has worked with numerous global development organizations and as a United Nations Representative. Caroline holds a BS in Communications from St. John’s University and a MA from Antioch University.

Arya Iranpour

Chief Technology Officer/Founding Engineer

Arya is a full-stack web developer and communications specialist with a passion for bridging the gap between technology and good causes. Before coming onboard to SourceRise, Arya helped build a greater digital presence for Trickle Up, a global poverty alleviation nonprofit, worked with Islands First to visualize the devastating impact of climate change through interactive Google technology, and supported Human Rights Watch in its drive to cultivate donors through compelling audiovisual storytelling of global human rights abuses. At SourceRise, Arya designed the prototype that we use to connect journalists to sources and also works to improve and iterate our engagement platform . Arya has an MPA from NYU, and a BA in international development from McGill University.

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